• The Olivia bag in brown features leather weaves.
  • The Mathilde bag in green features leather weaves.

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  • ROECKL as a company has a long history and tradition.
  • Company

    “Tradition is not just worshipping the ashes, it is also passing on the flame."

Craftsmanship since 1839

  • Take a look at the workshop from the past.
    ROECKL has been synonymous with glove-making craftsmanship and excellent leatherwork since its foundation in 1839 - so for over 180 years. Around 1900 ROECKL was appointed supplier to the Royal Court of Bavaria and its clientele included notable personalities such as King Ludwig II. and Empress Elisabeth (known as “Sisi”). That which set ROECKL apart then – the creation of accessories of the highest quality – is today still its guiding principle. To this day the traditional company has faithfully maintained its seat in Munich.
  • A white glove from the archive with special decoration.
    It all began six generations ago with company founder Jakob Roeckl’s vision of creating the finest leather gloves. Since 1839 this family business has dedicated itself passionately and with the highest standards of craftsmanship to our most important means of expression: the hand. ROECKL gloves are a symbol of quality and enduring value – a decorative and protective accessory that underlines individual personality. With Annette Roeckl as its sixth generation CEO ROECKL is developing from a glove manufacturer into an accessories brand.
  • The Garmisch glove in brown deerskin.
    Now as then, it is the same core values which make ROECKL so successful: the preservation and development of craftsmanship, an openness and passion to be inspired by fashion and beauty – and above all: outstanding quality. The basis for this is the finest natural materials. For all its products ROECKL works exclusively with masters of their field who are experts in traditional craftsmanship. It is they who breathe life into each and every product, thus ensuring its owner lifelong pleasure.

  • Learn about ROECKLS corporate philosophy.
  • Philosophy
  • Leather is cut for a brown glove.
    Quality & Intrinsic Value
    For six generations ROECKL has lived its vision of exquisite craftsmanship. The company knows the best manufacturing methods, uses the highest quality natural materials and works with artisans who are experts of traditional craftsmanship and invest enormous passion to ensure that every product becomes a favourite piece.

    The aspiration to preserve and further develop traditions is firmly anchored even in the sixth generation. Since 2008, ROECKL has resumed training its own fine leatherwork specialists and glove makers in Munich.
  • ROECKL was once the court supplier of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria.
    ROECKL associates authenticity with one thing above all else: credibility. A credibility which can be experienced directly. It is important to us to be open and honest with everyone we meet. It is not without reason that already around 1900 the Royal Court of Bavaria placed its trust in the hands of third generation Heinrich Anton Roeckl.

  • ROECKL attaches great importance to sustainability through the durability of its products.
  • Sustainability through longevity

    Favourite pieces for life.
  • Get an insight into the workshop.
    Long-term partnerships
    We select our business partners with utmost care. Our long-term collaborations are based on respect, trust and an understanding of quality without compromise. Through regular visits to our partners we ensure an outstanding quality of our products.
  • Brown leather is used to make gloves.
    Natural materials
    The family company sources leather predominantly from animals used in the human food chain. High-quality leather is a rare commodity because animal stocks – whether in the wild or a farm setting – cannot be increased arbitrarily. ROECKL chooses its leather with great care and only the finest qualities are used for processing. The high-quality natural materials used by ROECKL conform to internationally valid guidelines and are processed with responsibility and care.

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  • ROECKL Campaign
  • Leather gloves
    Craftsmanship between tradition & modernity

    The Munich family company is a master manufacturer of top quality leather gloves like no other. To this day, in the company’s own manufacturing plant in Europe, ROECKL glove makers use techniques developed in 18th century France. In what is known as „table cutting” the leather is worked and stretched by hand, pulling it across a table edge before the product is assembled seam by seam from up to 24 custom-made pieces. This ensures the creation of long-lasting and hand-made favourite pieces which are perfectly formed and fit like a second skin.
  • The Arizona Touch in grey goes with many looks.
  • Silk scarves, like the Wild Tucan in blue, enhance any outfit.
  • Silk foulards
    Works of art on silk

    ROECKL silk foulards are manufactured in selected production facilities and according to traditional techniques in the Italian city of Como. On these hand-drawn foulards ROECKL creates moving motifs which are closely associated with the flora, fauna and culture of various places. Whether it is inspired by exotic countries, flower patterns or animals, every scarf tells its own story.

Leather Bags

Leather specialist for over 180 years

Since 1839, creations by ROECKL have been an unconditional promise of quality, inspired by dedication to craftsmanship. ROECKL bags are produced in the company's own production facilities from hand selected leather originating from Germany and Italy. Made out of up to 150 individual pieces, ROECKL bags are meticously made and transport timeless elegance. In 2020 ROECKL launched two new bag collections: the Iconic Collection and the Colour Edition.

  • The Elisabeth bag in black is the perfect business bag.
    Iconic Collection
    Portable luxury

    With the Iconic Collection ROECKL is celebrating its 180 years of leatherwork expertise and created a line of genuine masterpieces in the own production facilities in Europe. The Iconic Collection is characterised by a blend of unique craftsmanship and attention to detail with an artfully casual feel. Inspirations from the historic ROECKL archives and current accessory trends have been combined with timeless designs and specially developed functionalities.
  • The Elin bag in brown is the perfect business bag.
    Colour Edition
    Modern Bags in a purist design

    Urban meets classic. The bags of the Colour Edition stand for pure joie de vivre. The colours range from intense hues like pink and power red to elegant natural tones like sand, walnut, seagrass. These hand-made models stand out for the sophisticated design of each bag, lend a splash of colour to any outfit and boast some impressive functional details.
  • Knitted accessoiries
    A sensual feel

    As a manufacturer of exquisite products, ROECKL knows how to process precious natural materials like luxurious cashmere or the softest wool in a way, that the sensuality of the material is perceptible in every fibre.
  • The soft Winter Magic scarf in red keeps you nice and warm.

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  • ROECKL looks back on a long history and tradition.
  • History

    A family-owned business in the sixth generation
  • Jakob Roeckl founded ROECKL.
  • 1839 / Generation 1

    Jakob begins an apprenticeship as leatherwork craftsman in 1823 and learns to handle the valuable material of leather with care and patience. At this time gloves are an important status symbol and their production requires the highest level of craftsmanship. He is fascinated by this challenge and hones his skills in the production of elegant gloves in Vienna. Right from the start he wants to make glacé gloves, because for women of this period these are an essential accessory to every outfit and leaving the house without them is unthinkable.

    In 1839 Jakob Roeckl establishes the company ROECKL and together with his family decides to open his first shop in Munich’s Kaufingerstrasse as a venue to sell the gloves and other elegant accessories, like leather belts and caps, that he is manufacturing himself.

    Jakob is innovative with lots of ideas – so that in 1844 he patents a tanning process he has developed. The firm grows and now Roeckl can finally also manufacture glacé gloves.
  • 1867 / Generation 2

    In the meantime Jakob’s son Christian is growing up. He is a child of his time: progressive, visionary and courageous. After an apprenticeship in his father’s firm Christian commences the traditional journeyman years and is inspired by the skills of other countries and cultures. Afterwards he starts work in his father’s manufacturing works and takes over the firm in 1867. Christian commences ROECKL’s exports to England and America.

    In 1871 he opens a new production building. With its high bright workrooms it is perfectly attuned to the needs of the workers. The building is soon known among Munich residents as “Roeckl Castle.” It is very important to Christian to provide his workers with a healthy and friendly environment. Thus social welfare has been a major concern throughout the firm’s history: Christian Roeckl is a pioneer of his time and a forerunner of Bismarck’s social welfare legislation.

    At the same time he is developing a clever and future-oriented strategy and establishing the first sales outlets in major German cities.

    At the age of just 42 a tragic fate befalls him: Christian Roeckl is killed in a coach accident and his wife Therese Roeckl takes over to ensure continuation of the family firm. An unusual step for a woman at that time, her goal is to keep the firm going for their son Heinrich.
  • Christian Roeckl has expanded the company abroad.
  • Heinrich is expanding the company\'s position and with around 1000 employees ROECKL is the second largest employer in Munich.
  • 1892 / Generation 3

    Before Heinrich Anton takes over the firm he too completes four years as a journeyman, gains experience of the world and establishes good contacts. In 1892 at the age of just 24 he assumes the reins of the family firm, which already employs over 700 people.

    In 1893 ROECKL is awarded the title of “glove manufacturer to the Royal Court of Bavaria.” Customers at this time include King Ludwig II of Bavaria and Elisabeth, Empress of Austria, known as “Sisi.”

    The fashion of the times is favourable to glove makers since fine ladies and gentlemen change their gloves several times a day to match their outfits.

    Heinrich develops the firm’s position on the world market. With around 1000 workers ROECKL is the second largest employer in Munich.

    The extent to which ROECKL is established in society is shown by the visit of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria in 1906 – a great honour.

    Heinrich expands the business, travels to the USA several times and establishes a branch in New York.

    The two world wars have a major impact on the firm’s development.
  • 1949 / Generation 4

    Heinrich Franz takes over in 1949 and starts rebuilding the firm after WWII. The economic miracle of the 1950s touches ROECKL too: the growing affluence enables a resumption of the elegant lifestyle and ROECKL regains its position as market leader for high quality leather gloves.
  • Heinrich Franz takes over in 1949 and starts rebuilding the firm after WWII.
  • Stefan Roeckl achieves sales increases through innovations, patents and expansion of the sports range.
  • 1961 / Generation 5

    Stefan enters the business in 1961. After completing his apprenticeship he refines his skills abroad, following the tradition of his forefathers. In the turbulent 1960s and 1970s Stefan Roeckl achieves sales increases through innovations, patents and expansion of the sports range. In the course of handing over to the sixth generation he splits the ROECKL brand into a fashion and sports division. Stefan Roeckl junior takes over Roeckl Sporthandschuhe GmbH & Co. KG and Annette becomes head of Roeckl Handschuhe & Accessoires GmbH & Co. KG.
  • 2003 / Generation 6

    Annette is facing the challenges of our fast-moving times, bringing a breath of fresh air to our brand image and overseeing transformation of the glove brand to an accessories brand.

    Annette is proud of ROECKL to be one of very few businesses around the world to have brought the traditional craftsmanship of glove making to today’s market and continues to refine it. Despite constant changes in culture, politics and society the company ROECKL remains true to its basic values of outstanding quality, durability and elegance and continues its 180 year tradition as the embodiment of fashion and style.

    With its passion for craftsmanship and commitment to natural materials, ROECKL manufactures in its own production facilities and the best in the world. This makes the products destined to become its customers’ favourite pieces.
  • Annette is facing the challenges of our fast-moving times and brings a breath of fresh air to our brand image.
  • The beautiful Delicate Paisley scarf in red.
  • Facing the future with passion and expertise

    Deeply rooted in the companies' values, Annette Roeckl is setting her sights to the future. With great passion for classic craftsmanship she is developing the brand whilst at the same time preserving the authentic and high-quality character of the ROECKL products. Lovingly produced leather bags and silk scarves set new accents and are a new expression of the ROECKL elegance. Around 300 employees around Europe work towards securing the quality standards of the brand every day. The accessories are produced in the company's own manufacture in Europe and the best in the world according to traditional techniques by people who practise their crafts with passion. Elite professionals design and develop, check and constantly tweak new processes and products.

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