To ensure long-lasting pleasure from your ROECKL products, you will find valuable tips for proper care here.

    • Gloves - Leather care

       How to take care of your leather gloves

      How to care for your leather gloves properly:

      • After wearing your gloves, pull them briefly and firmly back into shape.
      • Dry your damp gloves gently, do not put them on the heater or in the sun, pull on your gloves frequently.
      • During the summer season, store your winter gloves lying flat, ideally separated into light and dark colors. The same applies to summer gloves.
      • You can freshen up suede gloves with a suede leather brush if necessary.
      • You can remove light water stains by pulling the leather.
      • New gloves do not need to be prophylactically treated, fixated or impregnated.
    • Scarves and shawls - Cloth care

      How to take care of your shawl


      We recommend that you do not wash your ROECKL scarf on your own. To ensure that the elegant silk scarves maintain their color brilliance and stay beautiful for a long time, you should take your silk scarf to a professional fabric cleaner.


      If the silk cloth is wrinkled, it is always recommended to place a dry, thin cotton cloth between the iron and the silk cloth. Caution: steam and sprinkling can cause water spots.


      It is best to dry silk and other natural fibers gentle and slowly. Avoid direct sunlight or heat exposure, as these can alter fiber structures and thereby the quality of silk and fabric.


      You can fold the cloth carefully for storage.

      Please follow the care instructions on the product and in the product description in our online store.

    • Bags - Leather care

      How to take care of your leather bag

      Bag storage:

      Generally high-quality leather products should be stored carefully.

      • It is important that your bag is protected from intense sunlight, dust, dirt and moisture.
      • An air exchange should be guaranteed.
      • ROECKL bags should be stored in the dust bag that comes with them.


      Care of smooth leather with closed surface (incl. embossing):

      Please clean the leather thoroughly, not too damp, with a mild cleaner.

      For bags made of smooth leather, special creams or a cleaning foam are best suited.

      • For surface care, you should use a neutral (never colored!) leather care/cream that protects against dirt and dryness.
      • Please follow the instructions for use of cleaners and care products that you want to use.
    • Knitting accessories - Wool care

      How to take care of your knitting accessoires

      Hand Washing:

      For hand washing, only use water that is warm to the touch and do not soak your accessory and leave it in the water for a longer period of time. After that, rinse the knitted item with clear cold water and squeeze it gently. You can then roll it up in a towel and lay it out to dry on absorbent terry towels.


      Machine Washing:

      In the washing machine, turn your knitted accessory inside out. The temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees. Also, a low speed should be set. It is best to set the wool wash cycle on the washing machine. Please store the knitting accessories lying in the closet.

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