• Annette Roeckl
  • "We love the classic craft & have been evolving it for over 180 years.“

  • With Passion & Expertise into the Future
    Firmly anchored in the company's values, Annette Roeckl continues to carry the ROECKL brand into future. With great passion for classic craftsmanship, she continues to develop the brand while preserving the authentic and high-quality character of ROECKL products. Lovingly crafted leather bags and silk scarves set new accents and give new expression to the elegance of ROECKL. Around 300 employees throughout Europe breathe the brand's high quality standards daily. The accessories are manufactured in the company's own factories in Europe and in the best in the world using traditional techniques by people who are passionate about their craft. Top employees design and develop, test and are constantly working on new processes and products.
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  • Roeckl family tradition since 1839

  • Craftsmanship since 1839
    In today's fast-paced world, there are still traditions that have stood the test of time and values that will continue to shape the future: quality, craftsmanship and style.

    ROECKL is synonymous with the finest leather gloves and premium accessories such as elegant bags, fine silk scarves and shawls, fine knitted accessories and small leather goods designed to bring joy. Joy is what distinguishes that special piece from the everyday garment or accessory.
  • Leather processing 100 years ago in Roeckl Palace
  • A masterpiece - the leather glove from Roeckl
  • Founder Jakob Roeckl
    It all began six generations ago with the vision of founder Jakob Roeckl to produce the finest leather gloves. Since 1839, the family business has dedicated itself with passion and the highest standards of craftsmanship to our most important means of expression: the hand. The ROECKL glove is a symbol of quality and value - a decorative and protective accessory that underlines one's own personality. With Annette Roeckl in the sixth generation, ROECKL develops from a glove manufacturer into an international accessory brand. From then on, ROECKL scarves and bags also become favorite pieces thanks to their careful and perfect workmanship.
  • Traditional Craftsmanship
    It is still the same core values as back then that make ROECKL so successful: Cultivating and developing craftsmanship, being open and passionately inspired by fashion and beauty - and, above all, delivering outstanding quality. High-quality, natural materials are the basis for this. For all its products, ROECKL works exclusively with masters of their trade who have mastered the traditional craft. They are the ones who breathe a soul into every product, giving their owners as much pleasure as possible for a lifetime.
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  • Roeckl philosophy as a card representation in the 20s

  • Royal Bavarian court supplier - a picture from times gone by
  • Authenticity
    At ROECKL, we associate authenticity with one thing above all: credibility. A credibility that can be experienced directly. It is important to us to be open and sincere with everyone we meet. It is not for nothing that even back then, around 1900, the Royal Bavarian Court placed its trust in the hands of Heinrich Anton Roeckl in the third generation.

  • Attention to detail, precision cutting
  • Attention to detail, the highest quality standards and many years of know-how are the pillars of our company, for which we have stood since 1839.


Our principles

  • ROECKL as a traditional company for over 180 years at its Munich location
  • High quality craftsmanship and production according to traditional techniques
  • Durable products with use across generations
  • Responsible production in our own manufactories and with selected partners
  • Glove repair possibility
  • Development of new products through upcycling
  • Conscientious procurement and use of natural materials

  • Roeckl card of blonde woman with blue gloves and hat

  • 1839 /
    1st Generation
    In 1823, Jakob begins an apprenticeship as a master bag-maker and learns to handle the valuble material leather patiently and carefully. At that time, the glove was an important status symbol and manufacturing required the highest craftsmanship. This challenge fascinates him and thus he refines his knowledge in the production of elegant gloves in Vienna. From the very beginning, he wanted to produce glacé gloves because for ladies of that time they were an indispensable accessory.

    In 1839, Jakob Roeckl founded the ROECKL company and, together with his family, decides to open his first store on Kaufingerstrasse in Munich offering specially made gloves and elegant accessories including leather bags and caps.

    Jakob is innovative and has many ideas - for example, in 1844 he acquires a patent for a tanning process he develops. The company grows and Roeckl starts to produce glacé gloves.
  • Jakob Roeckl - Founder

  • Christian Roeckl
  • 1867 /
    2nd Generation
    In the meantime, Jakob's son Christian grows up. He is a child of his time: progressive, visionary and courageous. After completing his apprenticeship in his father's factory, Christian went on the traditional journeyman's tour and was inspired by the knowledge of other countries and cultures. He then takes up work in his father's factory and takes over the company in 1867. With Christian, ROECKL begins exporting to England and America. In 1871, he builds a new production building. With its high and bright workrooms, it is perfectly adapted to the needs of the workers. The building is soon called the "Roeckl Castle" by the people of Munich. Christian is very keen to offer his workers a healthy and friendly environment. Thus, social commitment has always been a top priority in the company's history. Christian Roeckl is a pioneer of his time and anticipates Bismarck's social legislation. At the same time, he develops a clever and forward-looking strategy and establishes the first branches in Germany's most important metropolises. At the age of only 42, a tragic fate overtakes him: Christian Roeckl dies in a carriage accident. His wife Therese Roeckl then took over the management of the family business. An extraordinary step for a woman at that time. Her goal is to preserve the company for their son Heinrich.

  • 1892 /
    3rd Generation
    Before Heinrich Anton took over, he also went on a journeyman's tour for four years, acquiring knowledge of the world and creating good contacts. In 1892, at the age of only 24, he takes over the management of the company, which already employs 700 people. In 1893, ROECKL is awarded the title "Royal Bavarian Court Glove Manufacturer". Customers of the time include King Ludwig II of Bavaria and Elisabeth, Empress of Austria, known as Sisi. The fashion of the time is favorable to the glove makers, as the fine lady and the elegant gentleman change their gloves several times a day to match their clothing. Heinrich expands the company's position on the world market. Thus, ROECKL is the second largest employer in Munich with about 1000 employees. The visit of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria in 1906 testifies to how far the company had come in society - a great honor. Heinrich expands the business, travels to the USA several times and establishes a branch in New York. The two world wars are deep cuts in the company's history.
  • Heinrich Anton Roeckl

  • Heinrich Franz Roeckl
  • 1949 /
    4th Generation
    In 1949, Heinrich Franz takes over and begins the reconstruction after the Second World War. The economic miracle of the 1950s is also reflected at ROECKL: Growing prosperity allows the elegant life to begin again, ROECKL once again becomes the market leader for high-quality leather gloves.

  • 1961/
    5th Generation
    In 1961, Stefan joins the company. After his apprenticeship, he refines his skills abroad, true to the tradition of his forefathers. Stefan Roeckl manages to increase sales in the turbulent 60s and 70s through innovations, patents and an expansion of the sports range. As part of the generational handover to the sixth generation, he divides the ROECKL brand into the fashion and sports divisions. Stefan Roeckl junior manages Roeckl Sporthandschuhe GmbH & Co. KG and Annette continues to run Roeckl Gloves & Accessories GmbH & Co. KG.
  • Stefan Roeckl

  • Annette Roeckl
  • SEIT 2003 /
    6th Generation
    Annette faces the challenges of a fast-paced era, brings a breath of fresh air to the brand's appearance and manages the transformation from glove brand to accessory brand.

    Annette is proud to be one of the few companies in the world to have handed down and developed the traditional craft of glove making into the present day. Despite constant changes in culture, politics and society, ROECKL has remained true to its core values of superior quality, durability and elegance, shaping fashion and style for 180 years.

    With a love of craftsmanship as well as natural materials, ROECKL manufactures flawless products in its own factories that soon become customers' favorite pieces.

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