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Men's Business Bags for a Professional Appearance in the Office

ROECKL offers a large selection of business bags for men that are real eye-catchers in everyday office life. Discover elegant men's briefcases made of genuine leather in our online store for a guaranteed professional appearance in the office. They offer plenty of storage space and practical inner compartments to keep all your belongings perfectly organized.

What we recommend looking out for when buying a business bag:

If you are planning to invest in a new business bag, we recommend finding out in advance which style best suits your personal requirements. To do this, you should make sure that the business bag you choose is ergonomic, spacious and of high quality.

Ergonomic business bags

The handles and shoulder straps of the men's bag should be comfortable to carry and lie comfortably in hand and on the shoulder, even when carrying a lot of weight. This is extremely important, as carrying poorly designed bags often results in postural damage.

  • Adjustable length: The shoulder straps of the ROECKL business bags are adjustable in length, ensuring maximum carrying comfort. This gives men the option of carrying the bag either over the shoulder or crossover to create different looks.

  • Suitable width: To prevent the strap from cutting into the shoulder uncomfortably, men should also make sure that the shoulder strap of the chosen bag has a comfortable width. The shoulder straps of the ROECKL business bag lie comfortably on the shoulder, even whilst carrying a lot of weight, making them particularly pleasant to wear.

  • Comfortable handles: The handles on our Roeckl business bags are ergonomic, just like the shoulder straps and are therefore comfortable to hold. The cowhide leather also gives the handle a particularly high-quality feel making the bag a comfortable companion that can also function as a stylish accessory.

Organized storage space for office belongings

A business bag suitable for the office should offer plenty of organized storage space in the form of separate compartments. Men can carry all their belongings in a fashionable bag whilst still have them organized.

  • Laptop compartment: This is particularly important if you need to take your laptop with you frequently, for example when traveling on business or working from home. The laptop compartment is located on the front and back and is padded to protect the devices from scratches or other minor damage.

  • Individual compartments for pens: The stylish business bags from ROECKL also make it possible to carry pens and other small items individually without them rolling around in the bag. This is made possible by the many small inner compartments inside the bag.

  • Folders and files: Men can easily store several A4 folders in the spacious ROECKL business bags. This means that in addition to your laptop, all important papers are safely stowed.

Men's business bags made from high-quality materials

Our men's business bags are made from Italian cowhide and carefully crafted by hand. ROECKL briefcases ensure you are opting for the best quality in a breathtaking design.

  • Uncomplicated care: Minor soiling of the bag can be easily removed with a damp cloth, however the leather is naturally already very dirt-resistant.

  • Durability: The meticulous production of ROECKL bags and accessories ensures that our products are durable. The wide carrying straps are stable and able to withstand a lot of weight.

You should carry these must-haves in your business bag

The following items make your everyday work in the office easier and are therefore ideally stored in a ROECKL business bag.

  • Notebook with pen: Simple notebooks are ideal for staying organized and keeping track of important appointments and tasks. Furthermore, they take up little space in your business bag.

  • Snack bars: To avoid the typical midday slump, it is advisable to carry small muesli bars with you to boost your energy levels and increase your ability to concentrate. The bars are ideal for eating at the workplace, making them ideal for long office days.

  • Charging cable: To prevent your laptop or smartphone from losing too much battery charge during the day, we advise carrying a charging cable for all technical devices with you at all times. You can also store this in one of the built-in compartments.

Which color suits you?

Depending on how conservative or casual your working environment is and how you want to be perceived, different colors of business bags are available.

  • Dark blue: This is a classic, always stylish, always appropriate. A dark blue business bag is ideal for modern men who prefer a rather simple wardrobe.

  • Red: If you want to make a statement and boldly emphasize your personal style, business bags in a bright shade of red are ideal. They are business-like thanks to their form and function yet fun thanks to the color.

  • Black: Business bags made of beautiful black leather give you a certain authoritative and more serious look. They are also suitable for everyday use in the office, as black is very easy to combine and minor soiling is also very inconspicuous.

  • Brown: If you prefer a classic and elegant look, business bags in various shades of brown are ideal for you. These can be worn perfectly with light colors such as beige tones but also dark tones such as navy blue.

Ways to use a business bag

  • Work bag: Thanks to their practical layout, the bags are ideal for transporting work utensils such as a laptop safely to the workplace.

  • Business trips: The business bags from ROECKL are also designed for traveling. They have a trolley loop that makes them easy to attach to your suitcase. In addition, the spacious outer compartment is particularly useful if you need to take out and put back your ID or passport.

  • Meetings and conferences: Business bags are not only useful for the journey to work and back home, but they can also be used for business meetings or conferences at work. With this business bag in hand you can easily move between offices fully equipped.

Make a Statement in Everyday Office Life with ROECKL Business Bags for Men

Our business bags for men are handmade from the finest genuine leather and stand for style and class. Modern men can use them to create real eye-catchers in the office and compliment their serious business looks. Of course, we also offer high-quality business bags for women.

ROECKL stands for quality and tradition - since 1839, we have been lovingly handcrafting fine accessories from high-quality materials.

Discover our men's business bags and bring new momentum to your everyday working life

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