• SOHO

    The smart cushion bag for trendsetters

    Soft, supple bags reminiscent of cushions are currently conquering the world. Why? Because they are cocooning to go. SOHO is for the woman who loves trends but doesn't compromise on everyday practicality. She wears her SOHO everywhere - crossbody over her puffer coat while Christmas shopping in the city, on a date, in the club and on the way home (where the SOHO works perfectly as a pillow in a taxi or on the metro).

    SOHO is the perfect cushion bag for all these fashionable occasions. Because it combines zeitgeist and well thought-out functions. The butter-soft lambskin leather has been padded on the inside, the logo clasp is not just a decoration but a smart magnetic fastener: the magnetic button is framed so that the bag cannot simply pop open, no matter how much life is in it or in its wildly dancing owner (her survival kit, Iphone XL and wallet fit in effortlessly).

    The long chain strap has been reinforced with leather right at the shoulder so that you never forget who she is when carrying the SOHO: a softie.
  • Our ROECKL Soho shoulder bag in metallic silver instantly enhances any outfit. So you can also go out elegantly in a casual office outfit with our Soho bag.

    Female organizational talent for Busy Bees

    DAILY is the bag for the woman who has a lot to do, therefore appreciates function and simplicity and loves a certain softness. Daily Bags are minimalist, but still in love with subtleties: In metal elements of bright gold - also on the adjustable shoulder strap - in a thoughtful interior and in soft, Italian leather.

    DAILY is a little bit business, a little bit fun. Like its owner, it makes order in life playful: with a pouch pendant, in which even the Airpods are always at hand. Or as with the Daria and Dora shopper variants, where even a laptop fits in effortlessly alongside baby diapers, a change of shoes and other everyday essentials. DAILY models are straightforward but flexible and want to make everything in their wearer's life less complicated. This attitude is in every thoughtful detail: their shape adapts to the life they carry around. And practical two-way zippers are a must because the owner's life is not a one-way street.

    Only Dana takes everyday life a bit more seriously than the others in its function as a business bag: a trolley strap at the back, a zippered compartment at the front, three slip pockets and one exclusively for the computer with protective padding.

    DAILY Bags are the companions for the journey that is life: good-humored and reliable.
  • The ROECKL Dora medium from the Daily bag line

    Glamorous playfulness for the social butterfly

    GRACE is the bag line for the woman who likes to play with her earrings during conversations. Her favorite activity is going out: Garden cocktails, vernissage opening, birthday party.... We have breathed a little more grace and charm into the models from the GRACE family for all these occasions.

    Everything is a touch more feminine: the shape, the elegant smooth leather and the details in bright, gold-colored metal. Rivets and eyelets in modern doses are a must: the pull leather strap of the Gianna Bucket Bag runs through shiny eyelets, the small Giorgia Shoulder Bag wears gold earrings (studs on the bag and clasps on the Top Handle), the Gina Phone Bag has a large-link chain as a shoulder strap, and the Gaia Going Out Pouch has a detachable gold-colored chunky chain - in addition to the Top Handle.

    Simply because it's fun to be a female Social Butterfly.
  • Handbag Cleo in white cowhide nappa leather
  • ROECKL bags Mathilde Crafted and Gaia Small
  • Roeckl bag mathilde crafted small in green from the ICONIC collection

    The epitome of craftsmanship for the bag connoisseur

    Iconic is the bag for the woman who gives a lot of space to her unconditional bag passion (and her things) always and everywhere. She wears it: all the time, actually. On a dinner date - that's why all ICONIC bags have metal feet to stand on. On the way to the office - that's why ICONIC Bags are well organized with many compartments. And even when sightseeing in Rome - then for once not on the forearm but with the detachable shoulder strap.

    For this bag connoisseur we let all the skills of our manufacture flow into a design: Butter-soft Italian leather and a sewn-on frame with woven pull-throughs as a signature look: all these details are inspired by the ROECKL icon, the glove. The leather strips are cut by hand, as in glove making, dyed at the edges and pulled through the frame.

    And because the ICONIC wearer loves feminine elegance but is by no means stiff, the side panels are not edged but offset inward, giving each of the models a timeless yet glove-soft trapezoidal shape.

    No matter which ICONIC the connoisseur makes her companion: her great love is always the finest craftsmanship.

    The sustainable lightweight bag for the outdoor lady

    Nothing can harm the NYLON line, not dirt, not rain, not bad mood - and that's why it is the bag for the woman who loves to be outside. From walking the dog in the woods, to a trip to the lake, to strolling at the flea market; for this, the outdoor lady needs a bag that is functional, super light and comfortable - and also puts her in a really good fashion mood. With color!

    Another highlight is the premiere of the ROECKL signet: two stylized R letters, mirrored and enclosed in a circle. The modern double R is a symbol of the flowing cycle of tradition, present and future, and thus stands for both the immutable ROECKL values and the pursuit of a circular economy: because the nylon is made from recycled PET bottles and produced in Germany. For maximum durability, the outer material and lining of the NYLON models are bonded together, making them particularly durable and even washable. The handles, grips, bottoms and logos are made of LWG-certified Italian cowhide.

    Thus, the NYLON line is actually nothing more than its owner's declaration of love for what is most important to her: nature.
  • Roeckl bag Lana small in linen from the NYLON collection
  • Roeckl bag Lana large in red from the colour edition collection

    Color and function for the adventurous woman

    What are the trump cards in the big fashion game? Colors. And accessories. Colour Edition is the line that brings both together. But she's no fashion snob. She makes life more colorful with ease. Sometimes a model is added, and bestsellers get a new coat of paint.

    The Colour Edition is for experimental collectors with a passion for color. And for the black-wearing minimalist who wants to break her pared-down look a little. The models are defined by clear, contemporary shapes and reduced metal elements in silver.

    This reduction not only sets the stage for the star - the color - but fits into almost all life situations: on the playground, in the bike basket or in the museum, on their art-interested owner, of course.

    After all, Colour Edition Bags are the opposite of exhibition pieces. Because as a cultural jack-of-all-trades with child and cone, you don't just wear out your bags from the outside, but also from the inside, all models have an insensitive, easily washable micro-suede lining.
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