• The leather glove Hanko in brown made of deerskin.
  • The leather glove Hanko in brown made of deerskin.

Deerskin gloves - Leather to feel good in

Deerskin Gloves for Men and Women

With the highest quality standards and an affinity for the finest raw material, ROECKL carefully selects suppliers for the procurement of deerskin to create particularly soft deerskin gloves. Deerskin is characterised by its suppleness whilst still being robust and is typically recognisable by its natural grain pattern.

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  • The leather glove Garmisch in black from deerskin
  • Sourcing the Deerskin
    ROECKL works with suppliers that process deerskin as a by-product of meat production. In addition to authorised deer breeders, ROECKL also obtains deerskins from free-ranging animals that are hunted seasonally. Animals are hunted under licensed and controlled conditions for the preservation of a healthy and species-rich game population. The international partner tanneries source the deerskin from countries of origin such as New Zealand, the USA and Canada. As a matter of principle, ROECKL does not process species that are subject to the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

From Deerskin to Leather Gloves

Due to its fibre structure, deerskin is extremely elastic and adapts well to the shape of the hands, which is why it is particularly suitable and popular for processing into gloves. To prepare the hide accordingly and guarantee its durability, it is first tanned. In the next stage of production, the skins are traditionally aniline dyed using a barrel dyeing process. After this, the skins are processed into Roeckl gloves. This is done in our own plant using traditional production methods.

  • Gloves made of deerskin are a natural product.

Women's Gloves

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