• The ROECKL Heritage Foulard
  • The ROECKL Heritage Foulard


It takes up to 12 months from the cocoon of the silkworm to the hand-drawn design and the choice of colours to the production of a ROECKL silk foulard. In the design studio in Munich, motives are created that convey emotions and are linked to the nature and culture of special places. From exotic countries, flora and fauna, each scarf tells its own story.

    Foulards by ROECKL are artistic accessories that give every outfit an individual touch and can be combined in many ways. No other natural product offers more ideal conditions for brilliant cloth printing than the fine woven fabric made from the cocoons of the silkworm. The production of silk is a very long process that requires a great deal of knowledge. As the birthplace of silk, China is the epitome of silkworm breeding with a history of over six thousand years. For more than two thousand years, the Chinese kept the secret of silk making to themselves. It was one of the most closely guarded secrets in history. Garments made of silk were only worn by emperors and nobles at that time.
  • Silk scarf Elephant Parade
  • The scarf Paisley Fall made of silk in the colors red and green is a beautiful eye-catcher.
    In a long-standing partnership with ROECKL, the finest silk foulards are still produced today, in keeping with the pulse of the times and setting new trends. The main focus is always on the highest quality of the silk fabrics and their processing. The hand-drawn patterns of the ROECKL designers and selected artists are used to create the multi-coloured, filigree designs that make each ROECKL silk foulard so distinctive.
    In addition to production in the Far East, the central location in Europe for the manufacture of the noble ROECKL silk scarves is the Italian town Como at the end of the Silk Road. Produced in selected manufactories, the scarves stand for the highest quality - because the European centre for silk processing with centuries-old knowledge and skills is located in the Lombardy town. Using traditional techniques and in collaboration with the best craftsmen, the exclusive silk scarves and shawls are intricately printed. Depending on the design, up to 20 different stencils are needed for the colour shades. The master craftsmen in the traditional screen printing process apply each individual colour to the silk by hand using an extra stencil. Finally, the sewer rolls up the open edges in elaborate handwork and closes the curling with even stitches. This is how each shawl and scarf becomes a sensual, brilliant work of art.
  • The Charming Florals scarf in red and beige is absolutely on trend.
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