• The ROECKL Gloves: Genuine leather
  • The ROECKL Classic Gloves: Genuine Leather



Our gloves not only keep your hands warm, but they also add a touch of elegance to any outfit. This elegance can be achieved throughout all seasons making our gloves an accessory appreciated in autumn or winter. At ROECKL we offer beautiful gloves for all seasons and all occasions. You are bound to find the perfect gloves in our online store. We have a range of beautiful designs and colours crafted with know-how reaching back over six generations. Find the perfect gloves online and in-store in sophisticated designs and colours as well as outstanding craftsmanship and quality for every occasion.

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  • Gloves have a long history and have always had an important meaning. Precious gloves were used to adorn kings and emperors and were always part of the coronation jewellery.

    As a symbol of nobility, it was impossible to imagine a " high society" without the glove, and so both women and men had the appropriate glove for every occasion, which was even changed several times a day.

    By the condition and colour of the glove, the status in society could be recognised. The lighter the colour and the more delicate the leather, the higher the social class. For a long time, the glove was even considered a gift of love.
  • ROECKL gloves at that time
  • ROECKL gloves in white advertising
  • The glove experienced a boom in the 50s. A woman used to have the right gloves to go with every outfit. Grey goatskin belonged to a morning grocery shop, at lunch afterwards she wore glacé gloves. In the afternoon, brown peccary gloves and in the evening long black silk gloves adorned her fingers. Custom-made was a matter of course.

    Today, the glove is once again in demand as a stylish and functional fashion accessory and is not only an indispensable companion in winter - car driver's gloves, gloves as fashion accessories or for urban, on-the-go use are also popular. Above all, sophisticated designs and colours as well as excellent workmanship and quality are important.


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  • ROECKL is proud to be one of the few companies in the world in its sixth generation to have transferred and further developed the knowledge of traditional glove manufacturing into the present day.

    First-class leather quality is used to make a ROECKL leather glove - leather that is durable, soft and at the same time elastic. It is the glove maker's entire experience that is required to process the valuable material optimally and to exclude all irregularities in the finished glove.
  • ROECKL gloves in brown during production
  • ROECKL gloves in brown during production
  • In the traditional table cut, the leather is pulled over the edge of the table into the length and width and then cut out into the correct shape and size. This ensures optimal fit and allows the leather to mould to the shape of the hand in any position.

    Depending on the style, up to 24 individual parts are sewn by hand with over 2,000 stitches. A glove by ROECKL therefore fits like a second skin. With full freedom of movement, fingertip feeling, optimum protection against dirt and cold, it also underlines the individual style of its owner.
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