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Stylish in the spotlight - gloves in movies and television

Gloves are an integral part of an outfit and style not only in fashion, but also on the silver screen. As such, they have found their way into a variety of film and television productions or series, with gloves always helping to shape characters and enhance scenes. From historical dramas to modern trending series, we take a look at some notable appearances of these timeless accessories.

  • ROECKL gloves golden 20s
  • Berlin in the golden twenties

    4 seasons full of elegance

    ARD's award-winning series takes us to the vibrant Berlin of the golden twenties. In addition to the gripping plot and impressive settings, viewers are also captivated by the detailed costumes. Particularly striking are the stylish accessories, especially the gloves, which give the characters a unique charm.

    The use of gloves in the series not only has an aesthetic significance, but is also a testament to the attention to detail with which the series was produced. They help to authentically capture the atmosphere of the golden twenties and bring the characters to life.

    Gloves are an indispensable part of the style of that era. Depending on the occasion, the actors of the series wear gloves in different styles and materials. From short, glamorous gloves to long elegant leather gloves - they are simply indispensable in styling the outfits.
  • Paris, fashion and funky elegance

    How to add a dose of extravagance to your wardrobe with gloves

    The hit series of the fashion-savvy American in Paris on Netflix, has not only conquered the hearts of series lovers, but also triggered a real fashion frenzy. In particular, the stunning outfits of the leading actress have become a real trend topic. One key piece that keeps popping up in her wardrobe and perfectly rounds off her looks are the elegant gloves.

    Whether it's short leather gloves for a touch of rock 'n' roll or elegant long gloves for a glamorous touch, gloves are the icing on the cake that make the leading lady's looks special. It doesn't always have to be for the opening of a fashion show, gloves are also perfect for visiting a museum or strolling through the city. Get inspired by the ROECKL counterparts for the series and bring some Parisian chic into your wardrobe.
  • Woman with red gloves in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris
  • Roeckl glove inpiration regency era
  • High society and intrigues

    Gloves as stylish accessories and social criticism

    In this Netflix series, the opulent costumes and captivating plot transport us to 19th century Regency era London, a world of elegance, intrigue and romance. A central element in the series' costume choices are the gloves, which add an extra touch of style and elegance to the characters.

    The 19th century was characterized by strict social norms and etiquette. Since more is often said between the lines than with open words, the gloves become a subtle and indispensable means of communication. They can express seduction, mystery or even restraint, but always emphasize the status and class of a person.

    Whether fine lace or delicate fabrics, gloves are as diverse as the characters themselves. Each main character has their own choice of gloves that perfectly match their personality - but everything is always in soft pastel shades. The series cleverly plays with the contrast between the delicate gloves and the passionate emotions bubbling under the surface. The hands thus become a symbol of the longing for authenticity and freedom.
  • Dangerous and adventurously thrilling

    No getaway without driver gloves

    This independent film is not only a visual masterpiece, but also a prime example of stylistic sophistication in cinema. Besides the spectacular car chases, it is one accessory in particular that stands out in the film - the gloves.

    In an exciting job - as a "driver" who earns his money as a stunt driver in Hollywood during the day and roams the streets as a getaway driver at night - the handsome leading man is naturally equipped with high-quality driver gloves for a better grip on the steering wheel. After a bank robbery, the loot must be brought safely and quickly to the destination. A dangerous life in which the right equipment must not be missing.

    Thus, Driver gloves are one of the standout fashion choices in this film, adding a distinctive touch to the character. However, they are not only style, but also craftsmanship. Their leather texture and perfect fit emphasize their purpose, and they embody the impeccable precision and control that the "Driver" excels at in his dangerous profession. They give him an aura of elegance and coolness, even in the most dangerous situations. This is the perfect example, of the subtle but insistent role of gloves in the film world.
  • Roeckl inpiration driving gloves
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