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Peccary – Luxury Leather

The rarest and most luxurious leather in the world comes from the smallest species of South American wild boar, the peccary. The animals live in the wild and are shot exclusively for consumption. This means that there is no interference with the cycle of nature, which is particularly important to ROECKL when sourcing leather. Scars on the skin caused by fights and injuries are therefore not unusual and reinforce the individual character of the leather. An unmistakable identifying feature is also the grain pattern of the peccary leather, a pattern of three small pores sitting in a row.

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  • Handschuhe Florenz in orange aus Haarschaf-Nappaleder
  • Verarbeitung von Peccaryleder in der Roeckl Manufaktur.
  • Traditional Craftsmanship

    ROECKL is one of the few manufacturers in the world to use peccary leather. Due to its special properties, the processing can only be carried out by the most experienced glove makers who have many years of knowledge of traditional craftsmanship. The luxurious gloves are available either unlined or lined with the highest quality fine cashmere, wool or fine silk.
  • Manufactory Work

    At ROECKL, a peccary glove is always sewn by hand with up to 2,000 stitches. An experienced seamstress needs about one day for a pair of gloves. The uniqueness of a peccary glove makes it a lifelong companion of the highest quality.
  • Peccaryleder erweist sich durch höchste Qualität.
  • Das langlebige Peccaryleder ist strapazierfähig und einzigartig weich.
  • Peccary Leather Gloves

    Peccary leather is perfect for gloves because it is hard-wearing and at the same time uniquely soft. The sense of touch and the mobility of the fingers remain present. Peccary leather is characterised by a high degree of suppleness and durability, and it also provides particularly good protection against the cold. At the same time, its dense structure keeps you warm even when unlined.
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  • Peccary Leder - das Leder der Luxusklasse
  • Peccary Leder für den Herren

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