• Traditional craftsmanship with leather and scissor at Roeckl

Sustainability and Responsibility

Attention to detail, the highest quality standards and many years of know-how are the foundation of our company since 1839. Learn more about our corporate culture, values and passion for craftsmanship and tradition. With timeless design, we create favourite pieces for a lifetime.


ROECKL takes particular care when selecting its production partners. The long-standing cooperation is based on respect, trust and an understanding of quality without compromise. ROECKL employees regularly check quality and working conditions on site. In addition to social requirements such as working hours, health and safety of employees, we also check environmental requirements for our producers and suppliers.

  • The business association amfori stands for more free and sustainable trade
    In order to leave a positive mark on the world and contribute to sustainable development, ROECKL is a member of AMFORI. The business association is committed to free and sustainable trade worldwide. As part of AMFORI, ROECKL is involved in the AMFORI Business Social Compliance Initiative. Learn more at amfori.org.

    For ROECKL, the longevity and wearing time of its products is an important contribution to the issue of sustainability. Many ROECKL customers want to consume less, but more valuable products. The leather used by ROECKL in the production of gloves and bags, as well as other natural materials such as silk and cashmere, are hand-picked by ROECKL and regularly checked in the production processes. This is how high-quality accessories are created that last a lifetime and are even worn across generations. The timeless design with its finger on the pulse of time, which ROECKL implements in all its collections, creates favourite pieces for life.
  • White Roeckl summer gloves

Sustainability through natural materials

ROECKL has been distinguished by quality and craftsmanship for 180 years. Even today, nothing has changed in the company philosophy and the claim to use natural materials in a resource-saving way. ROECKL relies on accessories made of pure natural fibres, which are processed according to traditional techniques by people with a lot of passion and craftsmanship. The use of pure natural materials for the majority of the range makes it possible to avoid microplastics and thus counteract the burden on the environment.

In this way, products become favourite pieces.

  • Brown smooth leather
    The leather we use for our gloves or bags comes mainly from free-ranging animals and is a by-product of meat production. We do not engage in breeding for the extraction of leather, because for ROECKL it is essential that the natural cycle is not altered and that this limited resource is handled with care. The leather for our bags comes from Italian and German tanneries. All high-quality natural materials used in our production comply with internationally applicable guidelines and are processed in an extremely responsible and conscious manner.
  • Delicate patterned silk
    No other natural material offers better conditions for brilliant cloth printing than the fine woven fabric from the cocoons of the silkworm. As the birthplace of silk, China is the embodiment of silkworm breeding with a history of over six thousand years. Today, the finest ROECKL silk foulards are manufactured in China and in Como, Italy, at the end of the Silk Road, in a long-standing partnership. The silk processed there is one of the highest quality fabrics in the world, printed by hand with up to 20 different layers of colour using traditional manufacturing methods.
  • Soft pink cashmere
    To ensure the highest standards, ROECKL always chooses production partners who are closest to the origin of the material. ROECKL uses wool from goats in Inner Mongolia for its high-quality cashmere knitted accessories. This natural product has been traditionally processed there by hand since around 1000 BC. The very fine and soft natural fibre is carefully combed out of the undercoat of the cashmere goat until the valuable animal fibre remains. The particularly warming cashmere wool is water and dirt repellent, as well as enormously flexible and durable.
    With the new requirements under the Corona protection measures in 2020, mouth and nose masks were developed and handcrafted in the Munich studio. While the inside of the mask is equipped with double-layer EVOLON® material certified according to the Oeko-Tex standard, ROECKL silk foulards with different designs are used on the outside. The adjustable elastic bands ensure perfect coverage of the mouth and nose and an optimal fit. In this way, ROECKL masks not only provide protection, but are also a fashionable eye-catcher and extend the life of the ROECKL silk foulards.
  • Patterned face masks from Roeckl
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